Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Bournemouth was cancelled. Luckily the blow was softened by the fact I was slap bang in the middle of purchasing Serenity and That Mitchell & Webb Situation when I was told. Serenity is excellent, and Mitchell & Webb made me laugh a lot more than I expected. Unfortunately, the cancellation came on the heels of a horrible gig in Reading. I don't think I have ever blamed anyone other than myself for a bad gig, but in this case, I am totally justified in calling the audience a complete and utter bunch of apathetic twunts.

So what else has happened gig wise? Not a lot really. I've been going along steadily, doing more and more support 20s, all of which have been pretty much successful. Much positive feedback has been coming my way, which makes it annoying that my diary is looking pretty bare at the moment. Usually I use gigs to take my mind off of the bad things in my life, but come the summer months, when comedy goes out to play in the sun, that won't be possible. So, here I am, blundering head first towards a trying couple of months in my personal life, with no distraction other than Big Fucking Brother. Not even the cricket, because that Aussie Mogul Twat Bastard (TM) has stolen the wickets. In preparation, I am trying to line up as much writing work as possible, in the vain hope that it will be enough to keep me busy and my mind occupied.

That means, I am writing three scripts - two for Comedy Lab, and one for a Perrier Award winning comedian; planning two sketch show ideas, one of which I will be writing pretty much all on my lonesome; and pummelling away at some stand up material that has been buzzing around my brain for a while now. Will that be enough? Who knows.

Lying On Bench was broadcast on Resonance FM at the start of this month, and will be repeated sometime in June. I do know the exact dates, but they've slipped my mind for the time being. I have a MySpace up and running here, if that sort of thing rocks your world.

Oh, and I got a fucking parking ticket, for parking somewhere for less than five minutes.
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