Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We're Not Those Kids, Sitting On The Couch

I've figured out what makes me like a comedian more than normal. Anyone who leaves a little piece of themselves on stage, they'll get my vote anytime. It's always really nice to watch someone talk about something that can only be coming out of their mouth - not generic stuff (and by that, I don't mean hack). Also, it's really gratifying watching the comedians coming out of Bristol at the moment - they're all really good, and it's pleasing that everyone seems to be stepping up to the level they should be at.

I seem to have been doing gig after gig recently. Rather than exploring them in any kind of chronological order, I'll just blindly jabber on about whatever springs to mind. I've compered at The Hatchet twice in a fortnight. The first time was shambolic, the second time was a stroll, if only because there were so many acts to get through, which meant I didn't have to fill time at all.

Then there was a last minute call to do a spot at Jesters, which I snapped at because of the fun I had the last time I was there. It went well, and I even tried out some more challenging material. That went okay, but would have gone better had I not used the segue I chose.

And I've also been doing a number of paid twenty spots recently. It's a new art to me, and one which I am enjoying learning about. There's space to breath, and silences to surf, and pacing to consider - all of which can only be learnt by doing it. The Hilarity House in Kidderminster was a fun gig, if a little odd for various reasons, but I did a fairly good job. The Courtyard Comedy Club in Hereford was an amazing venue, which I coped with much better than I thought I would. Not sure I sold them on my brand of material though, but I did an awful lot better than I would have done even three months ago.

And then The Reckless Moment in Leamington Spa - the inaugural night - which was a wonderful new venue. It's run by my friend Tom Hughes, who has poured all his love into it - and for the type of night it is, he got a phenomenal crowd in. I had a shambolic twenty minutes of fun, and heard nothing but nice feedback afterwards. Plus, I also got to thank Gary Delaney for his input by showing him the laughs it's garnered.

That's not all - I have some more good gigs on the horizon in Bournemouth, Reading, Cardiff and Plymouth, so I'm going to be dead from the travel, but hopefully a better comic because of it.
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