Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bungee Joking

I had another chance to try out Blue Socks, again at The Hatchet. It was a last minute thing, and I went on first as a favour, so I wasn't exactly prepared. In the end, it simply boiled down to some banter about my week, which then lead in nicely to the material. The performance of the piece gets better with each airing, which seems to help with its reaction, and so it's developing nicely into a coherent bit. It might even sit comfortably at the end of a longer set.

A few days later, and I was in Plymouth, this time for a Mirth Control gig at Ride. It's always nice being back somewhere I used to live, and the gig went very well, in spite of the doubts I had about it. Everything worked, like clockwork, and I dealt with some odd non-heckles quite well. It's good when you do well in front of a mate who's come along to support. Mark has a very comfortable floor too. Met Mr Junior Simpson, who was a nice guy, as well as Miss Zoe Lyons, who was also very nice.

Next day, and I was in Cardiff, ready and willing to do Poncho Comedy. I went on last, not exactly headlining, but it was a bit late, and in the break before me, a few people left to get taxis. So I was faced with a waning crowd and gaps in the seating, which made it harder than it needed to be. I got some big enough laughs, and I was very pleased with a protracted ad lib I did within my moon landing bit involving a fake cactus on the stage.

And, as if I was attached to giant cord of elastic, the day after that, I was back in Plymouth. This time for a charity gig in the basement of a pub. In aid of Cancer Research, we were sandwiched between bands, playing to a small crowd of attentive punters and a room full of inattentive ones. Again I went on last, and again they were waning, so I cut it short. An odd one all round, but another nice kip on Mark's floor, and I cooked a roast for us all before I left.

On my way home, I popped into a Mirth Control gig in Exeter. The Havana Bar, it's always a challenge, but I'm getting used to playing it now, and the smaller than normal crowd were very easy to placate. It was like painting by numbers.

That cord is tugging on my back again, and it's going to snap me back to Plymouth in a few days time, but not for a gig this time, just for larks.
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